karmarising new2

Have I lived before?

Was I a deranged killer in my past life?

Could I commit a violent, bloody murder and not remember it?

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Amazing! Ms. Graham is an excellent storyteller and I could not put the book down from start to finish! I look forward to her next book and until then will continue to search many of the concepts ‘Karma Rising’ opened my mind too. Other lives? Have we all been here millions of times before? Who were we in past lives?I kept hearing music in the background as I read it and would love to see ‘Karma Rising’ as a feature film since it affords many visually stunning scenes and I can only imagine the costumes and set decorations that would go with it! In the near future when it does become a film, we will all thank Rita Graham for sharing ‘Karma Rising’ with us. It is destined to take its place among the great classics of our time. The author’s action-packed book is also filled with quiet moments, affording the reader time to reflect and savor every word.I recommend Karma Rising to everyone and will be the first in line at my local movie theater when it becomes a major motion picture. If you want to curl up with a great book, buy a copy today and your mind will be taken to all of the secret places most of us were taught never to go!Bravo Ms. Rita Graham!


A thought provoking Journey By Claudette Shannon (May 12, 2012)
Ms. Graham takes us on a truly amazing journey in Karma Rising. We are drawn into a web of thought-provoking mysteries that surround these very compelling characters. From their present-day lives to the riveting past life regressions they experience, we are mesmerized by the skillful development of the twists and turns that keep you entertained and turning page after page in our journey through the dark secrets that link the characters from past to present. This novel educates while it entertains from its masterful opening pages to the breathtaking conclusion. Ms. Graham is a gifted storyteller.


This book combines my favorite fiction genre — suspense/thriller — with one of my favorite nonfiction genres — spirituality. In an entertaining and intricate fashion, Rita Graham presents a murder mystery that takes place in two different centuries simultaneously, involving the same souls in different bodies. Intrigued? I was! Karma Rising is both a great suspense tale and a fascinating look at the subjects of karma, reincarnation, parapsychology and past-life regression, as experienced by the characters involved. It’s also a carefully presented historical novel, rich in detail of the ante- and postbellum South, and a contemporary story, colorful in its description of a fictitious real estate development in more modern-day Atlanta and the mysterious and murderous things that are happening there that weave a group of people, most of whom just met, together. And, it’s a few great love stories, too!Graham’s descriptive powers make her characters come alive, a feat that becomes kind of fascinating to experience when you are reading about the same soul in two different bodies, exhibiting similar personality traits, but expressed and experienced as different people (and sometimes different genders) during the two different eras. You must read the book to see what I mean! Her characters are very well drawn.I also was intrigued by the way the spiritual philosophies were woven into a conversation between characters. So interesting and never heavy or plodding. If you’re not into those subjects, you will still enjoy the conversation as part of the dialogue. If you are into it, you may find yourself going, Hmmm, I never thought of that, or Yes, that’s what I think!The book was such a fun read; it really moves along with plenty of twists and turns and the resolution did surprise me. Ms. Graham is a great storyteller. I look forward to her next one. Recommended!


Ms. Rita Graham is not only an exemplary storyteller. She is a Literary Artist who showcases her canvas in many intriguing hues and colors of breathtaking suspense. I highly recommend Karma Rising as a tantalizing page-turning mystery thriller.Ms. Graham sets the scene romancing her reading audience by embracing the descriptive realism of the characters portrayed in Karma Rising. The story unfolds in the gentle southern winds of Starcross, Georgia, where the turning points of murder, greed and deception reek havoc in the shadows of the small, but hidden in plain sight nooks and crannies of the vast landscape. Relentlessly impacting and ultimately changing the lives of those who were brought together on a once old southern plantation, now restored, the Starcross Manor and Theatre. Historical periods of time are unlocked capturing the events of the nineteenth century through the journeys of past-life regressions. The story reveals deep dark secrets from the dungeons of souls long gone, only to return spinning a web of drama masterfully multi-layered that embraces the reader with cliff-hanging excitement keeping you up through the night.As a result, I must express my personal appreciation to Ms. Graham for allowing me to unveil my insight on the eternal journey of my soul. I seek to become more knowledgeable about the metaphysical studies of parapsychology. Reflecting on my own personal evolution in the scheme of it all…. spiritual growth, déjà vu, karmic debts, soul-to-soul-connections and now who only knows “Karma Rising?”
“Whatever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”
St. Paul, Galatians 6-7- T. Christmas
Atlanta, Georgia


  1. Author Rita Graham has weaved a web of intrigue with colorful characters whose past lives are sifted into their present. This tale is full of mystery, luxury, culture, and love. It will be a compelling saga on the big screen!


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