Rita Graham has sung from L.A. to Europe to Russia and Atlanta and many other destinations. She is the consummate singer’s singer, a delight to all who hear her.

Rita starred in the Blues musical film We Are Kings that debuts at the Arena Cinema in Los Angeles, on September 19, 2014.

Her LP Vibrations is the only recording produced on a female artist by Ray Charles for Tangerine Records.  Rita was signed to Ray Charles Productions and had a brief stint as a Raelette. Rita Graham is the only single female artist/Raelette for whom Ray Charles produced a major recording project on his label, Tangerine Records.

She credits Ray Charles with launching her charmed career. She went on to perform with Harry James, Mercer Ellington, and a plethora of other notable musicians, during her illustrious career as one of the legendary women of Jazz and Blues.

Contact Rita Graham: 678-365-7535 or ritasings1@yahoo.com

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